Frequently asked questions

How do I take a course?

If you haven’t already, please register an account (click here for the account registration page). After filling in your details a password will be sent to the email address provided, and you use that full email address to sign in.

Once your account is created, simply log back in and resume where you left off. After completing a course your certificate is emailed to you as well as being accessible on your account overview page.

Do I need an account?

Yes. You must register, and login, before being able to begin any course.

Can I create a new account?

Only one account can be associated with each email address. No two accounts can be merged; if you need to reset your password follow the link to do this on the login page.

Do you need all my details?

Yes. All fields on the registration page are compulsory and you won’t be able to create an account without completing all of them. All information is treated confidentially and stored securely.

I forgot my password…

No problem! Simply follow the ‘reset password’ link on the account login page (found here), where you’ll be prompted to provide the email associated with your link. A link will be sent to this email for you to reset your password.

Can I log on from different computers?

Yes. These courses are available online and distributed via the internet, accessible from any internet-enabled device.

How do I access the courses?

The courses are available through your browser (for example Safari, Firefox or Chrome) and use the internet. You cannot compete courses offline.

Does it cost me anything?

All courses offered by JNC Group are free. At no point would we ever ask for your financial details.